Read this article from the Vancouver Sun.

It’s a piece on pension reform.  If you’re not aware of what’s (soon to be) going on with pensions in Canada, here it is in a very condensed form:  Speaking in Davos, Switzerland last week at the World Economic Forum, Prime Minister Harper raised a few eyebrows in Canada when he stated that pension reform was a priority for his government.  This of course brings up a lot of questions.  What exactly does he mean by reform?  Would this include entitlement reductions, claimants needing to be older than 65 (the current age to claim a government pension).  While what exactly these reforms will look like remains to be seen, they are needed. According to the Vancouver Sun:

The chief actuary for the federal Old Age Security system estimates that as our  population continues to get greyer over the next 40 years, the ratio of people  of working age to retirees will fall from 4.4 to one to 2.2 to one.

Changing demographics; this will not only be a major challenge of a generation, but it will also have implications relating to poverty.  The baby boomers are getting old; the first wave of them retired in 2011.  Pensions will not be the only issue impacted by a nation (and a world) populated by more old than young persons.  Issues such as old age security, housing, and other social and economic issues will need to be addressed to avoid younger tax payers being over burdened by a system that is not sustainable.

The above link is a story from the National Post.  B.C. MLA Jagrup Brar attempted to live off of just $610 for one month.  He didn’t really seem to enjoy himself.  Moral of the story:  Get a job.

Irony Alert: After he gave up his MLA salary and benefits for one month, his new and only source of revenue for the month was welfare.  The same people payed his salary both before and during the challenge.

When I first encountered WordPress, it seemed to be a straightforward blogging site.  Nothing too complicated that would require extensive technical skills or knowledge.  As I began to explore WordPress and other sites dedicated to WordPress design, I realized that users could use their own custom designs and use actual CSS and HTML. 

When I began to look through my dashboard, I realized that the ability for users to customize their blog with code is an additional service not offered with a free blog.  I found this to be a bit ridiculous.  Having to pay to use HTML, CSS or any other language puts a price on something that should be priceless. Code, especially HTML and CSS, are the “meat and potatoes” of the internet.  This is something that should be offered to all users, regardless of account type.


For the next three months, as part of a requirement for a university assignment, Evan’s Daily Grind (EDG) will be exploring the issue of Poverty in Brantford, Ontario and the county of Brant. This will not be a typical report on poverty. We aim to take a very objective approach and not hesitate to challenge conventional ideas on poverty. EDG will consider all perspectives and facts related to this issue.